Westchester Personal Injury Attorney Report: $125,000 Settlement In Wrongful Death Trucking Accident Case In Queens (NYC)

The estate of a 55 year-old single mother with four children settled a trucking accident case involving a tractor-trailor for $125,000 In Queens County, NY. The plaintiff died instantly after being struck by the tractor-trailer. Plaintiff’s estate claimed that she had completed turning after stopping at a stop sign. The defendant tractor-trailer contended that the decedent suddenly drove into his path, thereby making the crash unavoidable.

Plaintiff’s engineer argued that the markings in the roadway indicated that the plaintiff-decedent had already completed her turn and that the defendant should have been able to avoid the accident. The plaintiff-decedent died instantly. No evidence of pain and suffering would have been offered had the case proceeded to trial. The case settled pre-trial for $125,000.

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