$1,500,000 Million Dollar Verdict In Bronx (NYC) Slip & Fall

A Bronx (NYC) jury returned a $1,500,000 verdict in favor of a 52 year-old female plaintiff who allegedly slipped and fell on ice while trying to open a gate to her cooperative. She claimed that the management company and owners of the cooperative failed to apply salt in the gated parking lot despite icy conditions. Rain/snow had reportedly fallen for approximately 12 hours before the accident.

The plaintiff claimed that as she tried to open the locked gate, she slipped on the ice and hyper-extended her arm, suffered a cervical herniation and radiculopathy. Fusion surgery with the insertion of a permanent plate was performed.

The plaintiff introduced weather records which reflected that trace amount of precipitation fell both the night before and much of the day of the incident. The plaintiff elicited testimony from the superintendant that salt should be spread if such events cause an icy condition.

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