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The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), the governmental agency responsible for workplace safety, fined Painting & Decorating Inc., a Ronkonkoma based painting and stucco contractor, $460,350 for chronic and repeated fall and scaffolding violations in December 2013. The Long Island company received 10 citations and fines totaling $429,600. Over the past several years, the […]

The Department of Buildings (DOB) is suing to revoke the license of a contractor allegedly responsible for the death of a construction worker earlier this year in Turtle Bay. According to The New York Daily News, Nelson Salinas was working on scaffolding halfway up a 14-story residential building when a coping stone was knocked loose […]

Three people were injured in April when scaffolding collapsed near the entrance to the Borough Hall Train Station in Brooklyn Heights. The scaffolding, which was being taken down at the time, left one construction worker with serious injuries and two pedestrians with relatively minor injuries. The company responsible for the scaffolding, New Force Construction Corporation, […]

In its January, 2015 Decision, Bernard & Bernard v. Town of Lysander, 2015 CA 14-00649, the Appellate Division, Fourth Department has reversed an order of the Supreme Court of Onondaga County that denied the plaintiffs’ motion for partial summary judgment relating to a fall that was caused by unsafe scaffolding at a construction site. The […]

This blog has previously discussed New York State’s Scaffold Act: namely, Labor Law 240. In short, New York’s Scaffold Act mandates that contractors, owners, and managers of construction sites provide appropriate safety devices (often scaffolding, though the law allows for other devices) to their workers when said workers are performing construction or demolition work on […]

Earlier on the New York Injury Lawyers Blog, we discussed New York’s Scaffold Act- officially known as Labor Law § 240 – and how the strict liability imposed on contractors and owners by that law imposes liability upon employers when laborers fall during the course of their work. A related issue is to whom, exactly, […]

Late last year, the Appellate Division, Fourth Department affirmed an order by the Supreme Court, Erie County granting summary judgment for the defendants in a Labor Law 240 claim. Plaintiffs had contended that the Supreme Court incorrectly granted the motion for dismissal by the defendants. The underlying complaint involved an accident at a college dorm. […]

Partial summary judgment was granted for the plaintiff in an April labor law suit in Manhattan. The plaintiff’s husband had been working on a lift fixing the ceiling of the defendant property owner when he fell to his death. The First Department granted the plaintiff summary judgment on her Labor Law 240 claim. Pursuant to […]

The Supreme Court, Appellate Division (Second Department) recently affirmed the decision of the Suffolk County Supreme Court granting summary judgment to the defendant in a Labor Law action. The Second Department agreed with the Supreme Court that the plaintiff did not raise a triable issue of fact, and as such, the defendant was granted judgment […]

New York’s only-one-in-the-country scaffold law is under scrutiny, again. Council Speaker Corey Johnson is hoping to reform the heavily criticized law while overhauling the Metropolitan Transit Authority, the pseudo-independent government agency responsible for the subway and bridges around New York City. According to The New York Post, the scaffold law assigns 100 percent of the […]

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