Advocates Call for New NYC Mayor to Double Down on Road Safety


A recent report found that East New York, East Flatbush, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Williamsburg, and Jamaica are the neighborhoods where more crashes and traffic fatalities have occurred in 2021.

A new analysis by Streetsblog identified five “dangerous neighborhoods” for pedestrians and other vulnerable road users for New York’s new mayoral administration to focus on. Noting that there were more traffic fatalities in New York in 2021 than in any other year during the Bill de Blasio administration, the report stressed the need for Mayor Eric Adams to recommit to the city’s Vision Zero campaign to eliminate traffic violence deaths. The neighborhoods of concern on Streetsblog’s list are as follows.

East New York. There were 3,101 crashes in this Brooklyn neighborhood in 2021, more than any other neighborhood in New York City. Those crashes killed three pedestrians, while injuring 174 pedestrians, and injured or killed a  total of 1,566 people. Still, Streetsblog noted, the neighborhood’s new council member did not agreed during his campaign that street safety was “a top priority” for his office. Reached before the new year, however, he told Streetsblog: “Of course we have to make the community safe and make sure the community gets what other communities get.”

East Flatbush. This Brooklyn neighborhood suffered 2,418 traffic crashes in 2021, according to Streetsblog, with 1,381 total people injured or killed, including 169 pedestrians. Its new City Council member said in a statement to Streetsblog that the traffic violence in the neighborhood is “absolutely heartbreaking.” “I’m looking forward to working with Mayor Adams, the DOT, advocacy groups, and my colleagues in the Council to find real, people-centered solutions that will make our streets safe for all of our neighbors,” she said.


There has been a total of 12,531 traffic accidents in these five neighborhoods, which means New York’s new mayor needs to focus his efforts on making these streets safer for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Bedford-Stuyvesant. There were 2,414 traffic crashes in this Brooklyn neighborhood in 2021, injuring or killing a total of 1,174 people, of which 162 were cyclists. Its new council member told Streetsblog that “Transformative change in street safety is the direction that the city is peddling towards,” stressing the need for safer biking infrastructure like protected bike lanes. 

Williamsburg. There were 2,326 total traffic crashes in this Brooklyn neighborhood in 2021, killing or injuring 169 pedestrians and 189 cyclists. Its new council member told Streetsblog that he will advocate for “a comprehensive network of protected bike lanes and real safety interventions at dangerous intersections.”

Jamaica. The final neighborhood on Streetsblog’s list is Jamaica, Queens, where there were 2,272 traffic crashes in 2021, killing or injuring 1,110 people, of which 169 were pedestrians. In a statement, the neighborhood’s new council member said that the process for implementing road safety infrastructure needs to be streamlined, and that the neighborhood needs more bike lanes. 

More information on these neighborhoods is available via Streetsblog’s analysis. 

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