Bronx Jury In Medical Malpractice Case Returns $20 Million Verdict Against Gastroenterologist

A Bronx, NY jury recently awarded $20 million in a medical malpractice case to a 43 year-old unemployed man whose colon was damaged during a colonoscopy. However, due to a high/low agreement entered into by the parties, plaintiff will receive $850,000. Plaintiff Edgar Gonzalez developed peritonitis that necessitated removal of some of his colon and the temporary creation of an ileostomy.

Gonzalez contended that the peritonitis was a result of perforations in the colon caused by his gatroenterologist’s neglect during the colonoscopy. Gonzalez claimed that the perforations were a result of excessive insufflation of his colon. He further claimed that the perforations should have been detected and repaired before the colonoscopy was completed. The doctor claimed that blood clots caused the injury.

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VerdictSearch, August 26, 2010.

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