Brooklyn Hospital Faces Staggering Number of Medical Malpractice Suits

Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center currently faces more than one hundred open lawsuits based upon medical malpractice, the Daily News reports. Ranging from infections to medication errors to infant brain damage, the hospital has been targeted by patients and their families for allegedly negligent care. The financially troubled facility operated at a $42 Million loss in 2010, and last year its former CEO was convicted of conspiracy to bribe local lawmakers.

Institutional problems do not mitigate the need to maintain an accepted standard of care within a hospital. Even considering monetary and administrative concerns within the facility, it still owes a duty of care to its residents. Although many if not most of these lawsuits are still pending, with no liability yet found, the sheer volume of suits pending against Brookdale is an indicator that too many patients feel that they received substandard care while under the supervision of the facility.

Website Resource: ‘Alarming’ number of lawsuits against Brookdale

NY Daily News, Conor Febos; Lore Croghan, March 1, 2012

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