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A Staten Island man alleges the Catholic Church sponsored the Boy Scout troop whose leader abused him.

A Staten Island man has sued the Greater New York Council of the Boy Scouts of America, the Staten Island Council of the Boy Scouts of America, the Holy Family Roman Catholic Church in Westerleigh, Staten Island, and the Archdiocese of New York allegations a Scout leader sexually abused him in the late 1970s, when he was about 11 years old. According to a report by Staten Island Live, the former Boy Scout alleges that the volunteer “sexually abused him multiple times during camping trips to Ten Mile River Scout Camps in upstate New York and in Alpine, N.J,” and seeks unspecified damages. Continue reading


Two lawsuits have been filed against the Boy Scouts in western New York.

A pair of child sex abuses against the Boy Scouts have been filed under the Child Victims Act in New York’s Chautauqua County, according to a recent report by the Observer. The Child Victims Act is a law allowing survivors of sexual abuse sue their abusers even in cases where the statute of limitation has passed. Continue reading


The Boy Scouts of America recently filed a new proposed settlement agreement with tens of thousands of child sex abuse survivors.

The Boy Scouts of America’s proposed settlement agreement has received mix reactions from survivors of child sex abuse in the organization, according to a new report by the Associated Press. Under the proposal, the Boy Scouts would contribute $850 million into a compensation fund for former scouts, with possible additional funds contributed by local scout councils. Continue reading


A group of 28 former Boy Scouts have filed a lawsuit alleging numerous forms of child sex abuse.

A lawsuit recently filed in Staten Island, New York by 28 former Boy Scouts alleges that the Boy Scouts’ Staten Island Council and the Archdiocese of New York recruited boys to join the organization, where they were sexually abused. According to a report by the Staten Island Advance, the lawsuit alleges the abuse against the young Boy Scouts “spanned more than half a century,” with one plaintiff alleging they were molested in 1949 and another alleging misconduct in 1995. Continue reading


The Boy Scouts of America may be nearing a settlement agreement with child sex abuse victims who have filed claims against the organization.

Last week the Boy Scouts of America announced in a proposal filed with its bankruptcy court in Delaware that it hopes to reach a settlement agreement in the near future with attorneys representing child sex abuse victims who have filed claims against the group. According to the New York Post, the Boy Scouts proposed placing assets worth $250 million in a trust for child sex abuse survivors. Boy Scouts local councils would contribute another $500 million or more, with both the national organization and the local councils placing their insurance rights in the trust as well.

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In a recent filing in the Boy Scouts of America bankruptcy proceedings, the organization disclosed information requested by attorneys for child sex abuse victims.

The Boy Scouts of America’s local councils possess a total of roughly $3.3 billion in combined net assets, according to court filings described in a recent report by NBC. The disclosure followed arguments by attorneys representing victims of child sex abuse in the Boy Scouts that without information on the local councils’ assets, they would be unable to evaluate the fairness of a settlement proposed by the Boy Scouts. In a previous filing, the Boy Scouts has stated that local councils “would contribute at least $425 million into a trust for abuse victims and would assign certain insurance rights in return for being released from further liability,” according to NBC.

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Former Boy Scouts who filed child sex abuse claims against the Boy Scouts are seeking more information about local councils’ role in a proposed settlement.

Later this month the judge in the ongoing Boy Scouts of America bankruptcy proceeding will rule on an request by former Bout Scouts for the organization to disclose information about how much its local councils will contribute to a settlement fund for abuse victims. Continue reading


An insurance company has agreed to contribute more than half a billion dollars into the Boy Scouts’ trust for victims of child sexual abuse.

The Associated Press reported last week on a new development in the Boy Scouts of America’s bankruptcy proceedings: The Hartford, an insurance company, has said it will pay a sum of $650 million into a settlement trust for child sexual abuse victims who have filed claims against the Boy Scouts. The Hartford will in turn be released “from any obligation under policies it issued to the BSA and the councils dating back to 1971,” according to the AP, which says this plan was filed with a bankruptcy court in Dover, Delaware on Friday, April 16th by mediators working on the bankruptcy proceedings with the Boy Scouts of America, victims of child sexual abuse, and “other parties.”

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The Boy Scouts of America have proposed a new reorganization plan in which local councils would contribute $425 million to a trust for child sexual abuse victims.

The Associated Press reported last week that as part of its bankruptcy process, the Boy Scouts of America has submitted to a court in Dover, Delaware a new reorganization plan “that increases the proposed contribution of local BSA councils to a trust fund for child sexual abuse victims.” The plan also reportedly provides for a route in which local Boy Scouts councils would be excluded from the bankruptcy process, “leaving them to face thousand[s] of individual lawsuits” from victims of child sexual abuse.

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This is “the seventh such lawsuit leveling allegations against retired Bishop Howard Hubbard,” according to the New York Post.

A recently filed lawsuit alleges that Howard Hubbard, a retired Catholic bishop in Albany, molested “an 11-year-old boy at a carnival more than 40 years ago,” according to the New York Post, which notes that this is the seventh lawsuit alleging that the former clergyman committed abuse.

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