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Last year was one of the deadliest years for traffic violence and accidents in New York City, with even more reckless incidents reported just this past month that killed passengers and pedestrians and injured many others that were involved.

Last year was reportedly the deadliest year for traffic violence in New York City since the launch of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s signature Vision Zero campaign to eliminate car crash-related fatalities in 2014. A review of recent coverage of car crashes in the city shows that they still remain hazardous for drivers, pedestrians, and other vulnerable road users.  Continue reading


A recent analysis found that, due to the open streets program, there has actually been a decline in traffic accidents since 2019 and the program appears to be doing what it is meant to do by keeping our city streets safer for drivers and pedestrians.

Data shows that the implementation of car-free streets leads to a reduction in car crashes and injuries, according to a new analysis by Streetsblog. The analysis specifically examined New York City’s “Open Streets” program on 34th Avenue between 69th Street and Junction Boulevard in Queens, which is kept pedestrian-only for 12 hours every day. Using data provided by the city, Streetsblog compared car crashes and injuries on the Avenue in 2019, before the program was implemented, and after its implementation in 2021.  Continue reading


A recent report found that East New York, East Flatbush, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Williamsburg, and Jamaica are the neighborhoods where more crashes and traffic fatalities have occurred in 2021.

A new analysis by Streetsblog identified five “dangerous neighborhoods” for pedestrians and other vulnerable road users for New York’s new mayoral administration to focus on. Noting that there were more traffic fatalities in New York in 2021 than in any other year during the Bill de Blasio administration, the report stressed the need for Mayor Eric Adams to recommit to the city’s Vision Zero campaign to eliminate traffic violence deaths. The neighborhoods of concern on Streetsblog’s list are as follows. Continue reading


Recent reports found that former New York City  mayor, Bill de Blasi0, has left behind one of the deadliest years for accidents with a total of 266 traffic related deaths due to increased speeding, traffic violence, and hit-and-runs.

Despite his “Vision Zero” campaign to eliminate car crash deaths in New York City, former mayor Bill de Blasio departed office last week with “more traffic fatalities than any other year” in his eight-year administration, according to a report by the New York Post. A total of 266 people lost their lives in traffic violence incidents by December 26, 2021, a record high for de Blasio’s two-terms in office. The previous record was 293 people in 2013; he became mayor in 2014. Continue reading


A new court order that was just issued in New York City will require the city to install crosswalk signals that will alert blind or visually impaired pedestrians when it is time for them to use the crosswalk.

New York City’s crosswalks will soon become safer for the visually impaired. Thanks to a court order issued last week, the city must place “more than 9,000 signal devices at intersections” to inform blind and visually impaired pedestrians when it’s safe to cross the street, according to a report by the New York Times.  Continue reading


New York City’s incoming Transportation Commissioner, Ydanis Rodriguez, has stated that as soon as he takes office he will immediately be taking steps towards increasing street safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

After a fatal truck crash on the Upper East Side on Christmas Eve, New York City’s soon-to-be Transportation Commissioner said he would take immediate steps to increase pedestrian and cyclist safety as soon as he takes office. The incoming Commissioner, Ydanis Rodriguez, described traffic violence in New York as a “pandemic of crashes,” according to Streetsblog. Continue reading


Four agencies in New York City, such as the police department, Department of Transportation, Taxi and Limousine Commission, and the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene have stated that they plan to join forces and increase safety and traffic enforcement during the busy holiday season.

Four New York City agencies announced they would step up traffic enforcement during the holiday season. In a press release issued last week, the New York City Police Department, New York City Department of Transportation, New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission, and New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene announced efforts “to crack down on speeding and drunk driving ahead of the holidays,” as well as efforts to improve public awareness of various traffic safety and cannabis laws.  Continue reading


According to a recent report, a dangerous feature on Tesla cars has been discontinued after drivers were able to play video games on their screen while operating the vehicle.

A feature allowing Tesla drivers to play video games on their cars’ touchscreens while driving has been discontinued after federal scrutiny. According to a report by CNN, the electric car company announced it would update the software such that drivers could not access the feature while their cars were in motion.  Continue reading


Incoming City Councilman, Ydanis Rodriguez, is in support of NYC’s Vision Zero program and with a budget of 1.3 million this could mean there is hope for safer streets and less traffic violence.

While deadly streets remain a concern for New Yorkers, recent reports by Streetsblog and the New York Post suggests that the incoming mayoral administration may be a cause for hope. Mayor-elect Eric Adams has reportedly selected City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez to be his Transportation Commissioner, plucking him from his eight-year tenure on the City Council’s Transportation Committee. 

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The New York Post shared recent reports about a rise in fatal car accidents in the last few weeks and how important safer streets and increased traffic enforcement are desperately needed in NYC.

Recent reports by the New York Post highlight a raft of deadly car crashes in New York City in the last few weeks, emphasizing the need for safer streets and more vigorous traffic enforcement. 

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