Clerk Awarded $237,000 By Westchester County Jury After Falling On Ice

The plaintiff, a 38 year-old administrative clerk employed by a tenant in an office building in Armonk, NY was recently awarded a $237,000 verdict by a Westchester County, New York jury. She claimed that she tripped and fell on an icy patch while exiting the building.

Plaintiff claimed that the owners of the building failed to properly remove the ice that had allegedly accumulated days before the fall. She further claimed that although the owners had tried to clear a path, they did so in a negligent manner. The defendant-owners argued that they should not be held liable because they had cleared a path. However, they acknowledged that the weather had warmed up and then got cold which caused the path to re-freeze. The defendants also argued that the plaintiff could have spread sand on the path herself (a bag of sand was left outside the building doors for tenants to use).

The plaintiff suffered a cervical sprain and a fracture of the clavicle. She underwent back surgery and physical therapy.

The Westchester jury found the plaintiff to be 30% responsible for the fall, but awarded her $237,000.

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