Data: Car Crash Injuries Still Rising in NYC


A recent report by Streetsblog shares that traffic violence in New York City has increased dramatically just this year with a 15.4% increase in injuries resulting from collisions and a 47.2% increase in pedestrian injuries, with a total of 6,977 injured people.

New York Police Department statistics analyzed by Streetsblog show dramatically increasing traffic violence in New York City in 2022, with “crashes that cause injuries, total injuries and injuries to pedestrians” all rising by double digits. “The violence on New York City streets,” Streetsblog cautions, “is even worse than you think.”

According to data concerning traffic violence incidents between January 1 and March 1, collisions that cause injuries have risen by 15.4%; total injuries have risen by 12.1%, pedestrian injuries have risen by 47.2%; and “injuries to moped riders are up by quadruple digits.” During the time period in question, 6,977 people suffered injuries in car crashes, with an average of 23 pedestrians injured per day. Breaking down the data by neighborhood, Streetsblog found disproportionate traffic violence in South Brooklyn and the Bronx, with 2,728 injuries so far this year, including 603 pedestrians.

In a statement about the figures, street safety advocacy group Transportation Alternatives told Streetsblog, “Each crash is a preventable tragedy that could have been stopped had our city implemented proven measures to keep people safe… To stop the traffic violence crisis, city leaders must urgently redesign dangerous roads and strengthen the Dangerous Vehicle Accountability Program to get reckless drivers off the roads.” 

City Council Member Charles Barron, whose Brooklyn district has experienced 52 pedestrian injuries so far this year, called on city officials to commit to addressing traffic violence. “The Adams administration needs to prioritize safety in the neighborhoods where the stats are going up,” he said in an interview with Streetsblog, arguing that the pandemic contributed to the issue. “Covid hit the poor communities harder, particular in receiving social services or jobs… We don’t look at poverty and infrastructure together.”

The city’s Department of Transportation confirmed to Streetsblog that car crash-related injuries are rising, though it noted that figures are lower than they were before the pandemic. “Traffic injuries are down when compared to this point pre-pandemic—but we know we can’t move backward,” a spokesperson for the DOT said. “We’re committed to putting an end to this senseless traffic violence.”

More information on rising car crash injuries in New York City is available via Streetsblog and the NYPD Traffic Safety Forum.

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