Disturbing Results from Medical Board Investigation

William Heisel, of the website Reporting on Health, has recently finished an investigation into the the records of medical boards across the fifty states and the District of Columbia. Heisel initially set out to chronicle questionable practices of doctors for the site. What he found throughout his research is much darker.

With the survey now finished, he has detailed a disturbing number of problematic cases nationwide among practicing physicians, ranging from DUI to sexual abuse. Most astonishing is that the majority of the physicians listed in Heisel’s study, a shocking 82 percent, are still actively practicing. Perhaps Heisel’s research will lead to an increased awareness among medical boards of the dangers of omitting disciplinary action against doctors found to be in violation of rules and common sense.

Heisel’s regular reports can be found here.

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Lessons Learned As ‘Doctors Behaving Badly’ Tour Ends, NPR, Scott Hensley, December 29, 2010

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