Gas Explosion Injures Ten in New York City

gas burner

Con Edison and New York fire marshals are investigating a Bronx gas explosion.

Ten people sustained non-serious injuries in a residential gas explosion in New York City, the New York Times reported last week. The gas explosion took place in a three-story Bronx house, where Fire marshals and Con Edison inspectors are investigating whether the gas plumbing system may have been responsible for the incident. The Times report states that Con Edison said in a statement that the company “was not doing work at the house at the time of the explosion and that gas service had been shut off after the incident.”

Two residents were transported to a local hospital “in critical condition,” according to the Times, but the hospital said in a later statement that none of the people it treated after the explosion—nine total, one of which was a child—suffered “life-threatening injuries.” One resident of the house, 18-year-old Genesis Garcia, told the Times that the explosion “felt like an earthquake” and shook the three-story home. It took place around 3:30 in the afternoon, and one of the ten people in injured was a firefighter.

Another resident, 50-year-old Alberto Martinez, said he came home from work after learning of the incident. His wife was home when it happened, he told the New York Times, but went outside and found a neighbor “calling for help.” Her neighbor had two children, including a baby, whom she needed help getting out of the house; Ms. Galarza told the neighbor to throw the baby down from the window, catching the child from below.

In a statement, the Buildings Department told the New York Times that “inspectors and engineers… determined that the house and two others in a row of four that had been damaged were structurally stable,” and that there were no “outstanding violations” in the home’s records. Temporary housing, as well as “financial assistance,” was provided to nine people (comprising two households) by the American Red Cross.

More information on the Bronx gas explosion is available via the New York Times.

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