Hamptons DWI Initiative Yields More Than Twenty Arrests

An initiative spearheaded by Suffolk County DA Thomas Spota to ramp up efforts to catch drunk drivers resulted in more than twenty arrests over the Fourth of July weekend. The program utilizes extra police officers from a variety of townships on the East End to patrol for suspected drunk drivers. Spota hopes to curb what he views as an unacceptable spike in DWI arrests recently by proactively seeking out offenders on the roads before they can harm themselves or others.

The legal standard in New York for Driving While Intoxicated is a blood alcohol content of .08. New York Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 1192. When blood alcohol content reaches .18, the offense becomes aggravated DWI. Recent high-profile DWI arrests have renewed public consciousness of DWI, and no doubt have also brought the issue to the attention of law enforcement, as evidenced by Mr. Spota’s initiative. The task force will be in effect until the end of the summer, coinciding with the busiest time of year in the Hamptons.

Resource: Easthampton Patch, Taylor Vecsey, July 12, 2012

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