Injured at Rap Concert, Fan Sues Rapper, Venue, Management Company, and Security

After being pushed off a third-story balcony and then dragged on stage at a concert, a young fan is now paralyzed and suing the rapper and venue for his injuries. The 23-year-old fan, Kyle Green was attending a Travis Scott concert who is known for his over-the-top antics at concerts. This charged and amped-up atmosphere has led to Travis Scott becoming one of the most sought after artists, but is now being blamed for forcing Green to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

riotWhile attending rapper Travis Scott’s concert at Manhattan’s Terminal 5, Green says he was pushed off the third-floor balcony. Then, according to video from the night, Green was lying still on the floor when Travis Scott told the security guards that surrounded him to, “Pick him up. Put this ring on his finger.” The security guards then picked up the young man, who had just fallen three stories, without a neck brace or backboard, and amazingly took him to the rapper’s stage.

According to the New York Times, the accident caused Green a “fractured vertebrae, a broken left wrist, and a fractured right ankle” which resulted in “extreme pain and suffering, loss of earnings, emotional distress, and medical expenses.” Green has sued Travis Scott, his manager, the security company that carried him to the stage, and Bowery Presents, which runs Terminal 5 and put on the show. Green states that the “negligence, careless and recklessness” of these parties caused his injuries and he should be compensated.

The rapper always encourages (and sometimes even joins) the mosh pits and crowd surfing that are common at his concerts. According to the New York Times, videos from the concert that night quote Travis Scott casually goading fans, saying “Don’t be scared” and “They’re going to catch you.” This is not the first time that Travis Scott’s antics have created legal drama. In May of this year, the rapper was arrested for “inciting a riot” at a concert in Arkansas. He has pled not guilty to the charge. At the music festival Lollapalooza in 2015, Travis Scott was charged with reckless conduct after encouraging fans to ignore security barricades and make their way to the stage. The rapper pled guilty to the charge.

In this instance, Travis Scott’s team said that there would be an internal investigation. In a later statement, they said, “We are deeply concerned about the guest who was injured and intend to offer him support.” Greene is seeking an unspecified amount of damages.



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