Jury Verdict For Butcher Who Slipped And Fell At New York Grocery Store

Plaintiff, a 45 year-old butcher, slipped and fell while working at a New York grocery store. He allegedly fell on a solvent applied to machinery by an employee of the defendant owner of the store. The liquid reportedly dripped onto the floor after it was applied. Plaintiff alleged that the employee failed to properly apply the solvent and that the owner had failed to abide by its own protocols.

Plaintiff sustained a torn meniscus of his right knee. As a result of the injury, he could no longer work.

The plaintiff received a jury verdict of $940,000. However, the butcher was apportioned 20 percent of fault for the fall. His net recovery would have been $752,000, but that amount was reduced due to a high/low agreement ($500,000/$100,000) negotiated prior to trial.

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