Livery Cab Hits Father and Infant in Brooklyn

A Brooklyn hit and run accident left a father and his year old daughter injured in Bedford-Stuyvesant on Saturday afternoon. The father was attending to his daughter in her stroller when the livery cab was struck by another vehicle, causing it to jump the curb, crushing the pair against a fence outside of a convenience store. The driver of the cab fled the scene on foot, leaving his mangled car behind. The unnamed driver of the second vehicle stayed at the scene of the accident.

Both father and daughter were expected to recover. The livery driver was not immediately identifiable, however efforts were being made to determine his identity through the livery company.

In addition to the apparent liability for causing the accident, the livery cab driver will likely face criminal and/or traffic charges stemming from his decision to leave the scene of the accident. Although the injuries to the father and infant are unclear, a personal injury lawsuit or claim will follow. In such instances, it is important for the injured parties, their attorneys and or investigators to gather all pertinent information including photographs of the scene, police reports, relevant medical records, insurance information for the livery cab, etc. NYC cabs are required to carry a minimum of $100,000 in liability insurance coverage. Given the factual scenario here, this amount of insurance would likely fall short of fair compensation for the family.

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