Westchester County DWI Attorney Report: Long Island Grandmother Arrested for Aggravated DWI

A Suffolk County police officer arrested a grandmother from Long Island on Friday night when she allegedly drove drunk with her minor grandchildren in the backseat. The New York Post reports that the driver was stopped when an officer saw that she had been driving while missing one of her front wheels, at which point the officer noticed the children in the car.

The Post did not report on the woman’s Blood Alcohol Content at the time of arrest. Different scenarios exist for which a driver may be charged with Aggravated DWI. One of these is driving with a BAC of .18 or greater (the threshold for DWI being .08). Another manner in which the more serious charge of Aggravated DWI may be invoked is if the driver violates the provisions of the DWI section, while also driving with minors under the age of fifteen in the vehicle (Section 1192(2-a)(b) of the New York Vehicle and Traffic Law). A first violation of this section is a Class E Felony. According to the Post report, the woman’s grandchildren in this car were nine and eleven years of age.

The full story in the Post can be found here.

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