Long Island Man Pleads Guilty to Several Charges after Motorcycle Crash

A Manorville resident has pleaded guilty to several charges, including second degree manslaughter, in a May, 2010 motorcycle accident that occurred as the man was speeding away from police. The crash resulted in the death of the man’s pregnant fiancee when she was thrown from the back of his bike in East Hampton.

New York Penal Code defines second degree manslaughter as recklessly causing the death of another person, and it is classified as a Class C felony. The maximum prison sentence for conviction on a Class C felony is fifteen years. Notably in this case, the defendant pleaded to a Class C felony, so the sentence was less than the maximum allowable by law. The biker was sentenced to three to nine years in state prison on July 18. For additional background information on the accident, as well as an account of the sentencing, visit the story by Taylor Vecsey of the East Hampton Patch.

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