Mother Sues for NYC After Central Park Tree Falls on Her

After a Central Park tree fell on top of a woman, causing significant injuries to her and one of her children, she is now planning to sue the city.  After filing notice with the city, an important and time-sensitive measure whenever seeking to sue a municipality or city in New York, the mother, Anne Goldman, raised concerns about how the city maintains the parks in New York’s most famous park.

tree-fallingThe amazing story took place near 62nd Street on the west side of the park. Goldman was walking with her three young children. Then, according to Goldman, she sacrificed her own safety to protect her children as the giant tree fell on the path.  Goldman’s injuries were the most horrific and the first responders at the scene said she was in and out of consciousness when they arrived. According to her lawyer, she is “not allowed to move her neck for at least two to three months… She can’t pick up her baby, she can’t breast-feed, she can’t do her job.” Goldman says she is in immense pain and her life has been turned “upside down.” Doctors are not sure if she will ever be able to walk normally again.

Unfortunately, her 3-year-old son was also injured. The son, Grant Goldman, suffered a concussion and there is bleeding around his brain. According to his doctors, the long-term impact of his injures and their impact on his brain’s development are unclear. Goldman’s other two children were not injured.

Neither the Central Park Conservancy, the private organization in charge of running the park, nor City Hall have given a reason for the tree. According to the New York Daily News, decayed roots were likely the cause of the accident. Asking for a comment to the paper, the Central Park Conservancy said the safety of the park’s “42 million visitors is a top priority.” A spokeswoman for the Law Department, responsible for handling lawsuits against New York City, said “the papers will be reviewed when they are served.”


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