New York County Car Accident Lawsuit Settles For $4.9 Million

This NY Car Accident lawsuit in New York County involved a 30 year-old plaintiff who worked as a mover. On the date of the accident, he was standing next to the rear of the moving truck when the defendant driver struck a middle car in the rear and propelled it into the plaintiff.

The plaintiff suffered a fractured tibia and a severe degloving injury to the calf muscle. The degloving caused profuse bleeding at the scene and necessitated multiple surgical interventions, including 14 debridements, a muscle flap procedure, two skin grafts, and an ankle fusion.

The plaintiff is a candidate for a below-the-knee amputation, which he has refused to date. The driver of the middle car was also named as a defendant. His motion for Summary Judgment was granted as was the plaintiff’s motion for Summary Judgment on liability against the driver who struck the middle car. The case would have been tried on damages only.

This matter settled prior to a trial on damges for $4,900,000.

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