New York Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney Report: Man Paralyzed In Hit And Run Recovers $40.8M

A Brooklyn (NYC) jury recently awarded nearly $41 million to a man who is paralyzed as a result of a hit-and-run car accident. Plaintiff, 49 year-old Matthew Falcone Jr., was injured while crossing a Brooklyn intersection in 2006 . Falcone claimed that he was struck by a pickup truck driven by Franklin Williams. Williams did not stop until another motorist blocked his path after the accident. Williams contended that Falcone merely brushed against one side of his truck. However, at trial plaintiff produced photographs showing significant damage of the truck’s windshield and front end.

The jury found Williams liable, and awarded $40,876,000 to Falcone. Falcone sustained multiple facial fractures, as well as a traumatic brain injury that caused him to slip into a coma. The coma lasted several weeks, and he is permanently paralyzed of the left side of his body. His right side remains weak, and he is confined to a wheelchair. He also suffers residual impairment of his speech, diminishment of his cognitive abilities, and incontinence of his bladder and bowel. Falcone resides in a rehabilitative facility.

Defense counsel has moved to set aside the verdict.

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