New York Pedestrian Accident Attorney Report: Elmhurst Study Reveals Increase In Pedestrian Injuries In Queens (NYC)

Elmhurst Hospital Center has issued a report stating that the number of people struck by vehicles during 2009 in certain sections of Queens is on the rise. Over the past few years, the number of pedestrian injuries has increased. In 2007, 215 injuries were reported and in 2008, 240 injuries were noted. In 2009 the number reached a 10-year high with a reported 256 pedestrian injuries reported.

Certain areas in Queens seem to be more problematic than others. These include Queens Boulevard and 63rd Drive, Roosevelt Avenue near 64th and 69th Streets, and Northern Boulevard near the BQE. The 2nd Annual Pedestrian Injury Summit was held at Elmhurst Hospital Center in and effort to solve this problem. Medical, transportation, and law enforcement specialists joined community members to generate ideas to remedy this growing problem.

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