New York Personal Injury Lawyer Report: NYC Federal Judge Awards Staten Island Ferry Victim $813, 480.00

At least 4 more New York personal injury claims remain open regarding the catastrophic Staten Island Ferry crash in 2003. In the most recent case involving the crash, plaintiff AnnaMarie Trombetta, a painter, was awarded $813,480 by a Federal Judge in Brooklyn (NYC) Federal Court.

After a five-day bench trial, the judge’s ruling surprised City lawyers who had offered Trombetta a mere $100,000 to settle her case. Trombetta’s sustained injuries to her back, neck, arm and shoulder. In addition, she claimed to have suffered tremendous pain and suffering.

The judge explained his decision by stating, “The plaintiff has established that she has suffered a real loss of ability to enjoy the pleasures of life as a result of the crash.” 162 victims of the crash have already been paid $67 million in settlements.

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