New Yorkers Sue Doctor for ‘IVF Fertilization Mix-up’

Two New Yorkers sued their doctor and fertilization clinic after the alleged medical malpractice caused a tragic mix-up involving three sets of angry parents across the country. According to CBS New York, Annie and Ashot Manukyan went to CHA Fertility Center in Los Angeles for in-vitro fertilization treatments. After the treatment, the New York couple did not become pregnant. Unfortunately, that is because their genetic material was used to impregnate another couple in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles couple actually became pregnant with twins who they believed was their child. Unfortunately, the couple was carrying the child of the Manukyans and another Los Angeles couple. The parents found out at birth of the mix-up when one of their children was a different race than the parents.

The Manukyan’s were immediately notified and because the birth parents wanted to keep the child, they had to sue in New York courts to have their genetic child brought to them. In a recording released by the attorneys for the Manukyan’s, the genetic mother broke down crying when she discussed her heartbreak over not carrying and delivering her own child. The New York judges ruled in favor of the birth parents and the child is now living in New York.

Understandably, the parents have now filed suit against the fertility clinic for the horrific mishap. While rare, several cases of IVF mix-ups have occurred in previous decades – including two cases in New York and one in California in just the last decade. Thanks to a 2016 court ruling that expanded the definition of parenthood, the New York couple had a relatively low burden to reclaim their child, according to The Atlantic.

While an award against the careless doctors and clinic who implanted their child into the wrong woman will bring justice, the Manukyan’s say that nothing will replace missing the first six weeks of their child’s life.

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