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Research shows that vehicles release five times more ammonia emissions than what safety regulators originally thought and this type of pollution mainly affects places like New York City.

Recent research suggests that safety regulators may have drastically underestimated the severity of the ammonia emissions produced by cars and other vehicles. According to a report by Streetsblog, it turns out that vehicles may release five times more ammonia than previously believed, a level of pollution primarily affecting cities like New York.

As the report describes, ammonia gas, or NH3, “is a relatively understudied vehicle emission” that nonetheless poses real environmental and health risks. The gas “combines with nitrogen oxides in the air to form the fine particulate matter that has a major impact on human health,” with research suggesting links to “15,000 premature deaths across the United States each year.” Continue reading


Recent reports regarding car accidents and serious injuries in New York are raising concerns about the safety of our streets and the enforcement of traffic laws.

A review of recent car accidents in New York emphasizes the importance of street safety and enforcement of criminal traffic laws. More information on  the below incidents is available via the linked news reports. Continue reading


Even though less people were driving on the roads during the pandemic, recently released data provides us with information stating that in 2020 there were over 38,000 deaths as a direct result of traffic accidents.

Earlier this year the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released data projecting that in 2020, motor vehicle traffic crashes resulted in a stunning 38,680 deaths, even traffic volume decreased as people drove less during the pandemic. This figure represented the highest number of motor vehicle traffic crashes since 2007, and an increase of about 7.2% over 2019, when there were 36,096 such fatalities.

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New York Senator Schumer reportedly stated that after a bill was passed, $289 million in federal funding will be used towards making streets safer for cyclists.

New York Senator Chuck Schumer has promised his constituents that they’ll receive “an effing lot of money” for cycling infrastructure, according to a recent report by Streetsblog. During a news conference at the Queensboro bridge discussing the freshly passed federal infrastructure bill, Schumer said that $289 million in federal funding will be directed toward making the state’s roadways safer for bicycle users.  Continue reading


A recent investigation reveals that the New York Police Department did not issue as many tickets as they say they have in response to complaints that were made.

A new investigation by Streetsblog asks whether the New York Police Department responded to as many 311 complaints regarding blocked bike lanes as it claimed to. According to the report, the NYPD said it issued “more than 100 tickets last year” over such complaints, but an analysis of city-provided data “contain no record of nearly one-fifth of those summonses.” Continue reading


After lengthy research and discussions with members of the community, a New York State legislator and a transportation policymaker for NYC are working together to have more bike lanes added on city streets, despite some being against this proposal.

A New York state legislator is working with a New York City transportation policymaker to stymie a move by the NYC Department of Transportation to make East Flatbush safer for cyclists, according to a recent report by StreetsBlog. The Assembly Member, Brooklyn’s Rodneyse Bichotte Hermelyn, and the Community Board 17 Transportation Committee Chairman, Roderick Daley, recently declared their “full-throated opposition” to a plan that would install painted bike lanes in the neighborhood, which currently has three.  Continue reading


A new bill proposed by council member, Mark Gjonaj, would make it mandatory for New York City food delivery services to reimburse their workers for any accident related costs that may occur while they are delivering food.

New York City Council member Mark Gjonaj has introduced a bill that would require food delivery services like DoorDash and Uber Eats to reimburse delivery workers for “certain costs” resulting from vehicle crashes as they delivery food. According to a New York Post report and the City Council’s website, require the companies to reimburse expenses relating to medical treatment and property damage, while imposing financial penalties on companies that don’t comply with the law.

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The New York City Council has recently passed a law that will begin in June 2022 and will require construction sites to have a superintendent who would be responsible for overseeing jobs and ensuring the safety of construction workers.

The New York City Council has passed legislation that would “overhaul” construction safety in the city, according to a press release by the legislative body. The bill, Int 2276-2021, requires construction sites to assign a “designated full-time construction superintendent who would be responsible for safety and code compliance, along with overall management of the construction project.” This role would complement existing safety personnel like site safety coordinators and site safety managers.  Continue reading


New York City has recently announced the return of a campaign that will call for increased traffic enforcement and speed cameras in order to provide safer streets for drivers and pedestrians who are out in the fall and winter months as it gets dark out at a much earlier time.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office has announced the return of multi-agency traffic enforcement to protect vulnerable and road users after sunset in the fall and winter. Referred to as the city’s “Dusk and Darkness campaign,” the effort involves increased traffic enforcement in the evening and nighttime, specifically with regard to speeding and failure to yield. It also involved “street teams” from the Department of Transportation and the New York Police Department venturing to “high-visibility locations” across the city to encourage commuters to stay safe.  Continue reading


Recent reports share that two more pedestrians were struck and killed in two separate incidents last week, one in Brooklyn and one in downtown Manhattan with an impaired driver being charged with vehicular manslaughter.

The death toll of New York City’s streets increased by at least two last week, according to reports by the New York Daily News and Streetsblog. The victims were a 33-year-old man who died after being struck by a reportedly “drugged-up” driver in Brooklyn, and a 78-year-old woman “run over and killed by the driver of a massive pickup truck” in downtown Manhattan. Continue reading

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