Pedestrian Critical After Queens Hit and Run

The New York Post reports that a Queens man is in critical condition after being hit by a car while walking along the street in Elmhurst earlier this week. At the time of the Post’s story, the hit and run driver had not been apprehended.pedestrians.jpg

As this blog has discussed previously, a driver must identify himself to the victim of an accident if the driver knows or has cause to know that he has caused that individual some personal injury. The driver in this case did not do so, although details in the story are sparse. The accident occurred at night, when visibility was probably not ideal. At the very least, the driver should have felt that his car hit something, however. The safest move for a driver in such a situation is to stop and assess the situation, as even damage to property requires a driver to provide identification at the scene.

The full NY Post story can be found on its website, or by clicking here.

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