Physician Encourages Improvement of Patient Safety Instead Of Medical Malpractice Caps

Dr. Rahul K. Parikh, MD’s article entitled “I’m a doctor. So sue me. No, really: The doctors’ lobby says capping malpractice suits will make healthcare cheaper. I’m an M.D. and I don’t believe it” discusses a doctor’s perspective on lobbying group efforts to cap medical malpractice awards. He also addresses the controversial topics of defensive medicine and frivolous lawsuits.

After reviewing and analyzing the major studies conducted to date, Dr. Parikh concludes that caps on damages are not the answer. Instead, he emphasizes the need to focus on the improvement of patient safety and reduction of medical errors.

Dr. Parikh also points out that a Public Citizen study found that “that a historical pattern has been established that insurance rates rise also based on the investment market …Earlier ‘crises’ (in 1975-6 and 1985-6) similar to today’s ‘crisis’ were due to declining investment fortunes and failed pricing practices of the insurance industry rather than an increase in medical malpractice filings and awards. Then, as now, the insurance industry covered its losses by raising rates dramatically, then blamed thelawyers of innocent patients rightfully seeking compensation for negligence-related injuries.”

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