Plastic Surgeon for Celebrities Charged with 29 Counts of Negligence

A New York doctor has been charged with 29 counts of negligence, fraud and medical malpractice for his treatment of eight patients. Doctor Ayman Shahine, famous for his plastic surgery on reality TV star Renee Graziano, is accused of everything from talking on his phone during surgery to falsifying medical records and violating New York state laws. Shahine has been sued for medical malpractice 15 times since 2013.doc-on-phone-300x172

Dr. Shahine, originally a gynecologist (in New York any doctor can perform cosmetic surgeries – even without a nurse or anesthesiologist), is a grossly incompetent doctor according to state authorities. In one case, Dr. Shaine allegedly performed liposuction on a patient before taking her blood pressure or performing a pregnancy test. The patient, it turned out, was actually pregnant at the time and, according to the authorities, the surgery should not have been performed on a pregnant woman.

The doctor, most famous for his “butt lifts,” has been falsifying records and lying to patients in an attempt to hide his illegal surgeries. New York law dictates how much fat can be removed from other portions of a person’s body, as well as which locations the fat can be removed from when performing a buttock augmentation. Lisa Pressman, a Manhattanite who had her augmentation performed by Dr. Shahine, spent five weeks in intensive care unit due to septic shock from the surgery. According to Pressman, Dr. Shahine did not use gloves, a mask or gown during the surgery. Also, she says, he used his cell phone several times during the procedure. The case against the doctor for medical malpractice was settled in 2015. In another case, involving an unidentified 65-year-old woman who went to the doctor to replace her breast implants. Dr. Shaine performed the “extensive surgery” without “monitoring the woman’s vital signs or documenting blood loss.”

While none of the current eight patients were identified by state authorities, citing patient confidentiality laws, but the state also accused the doctor of performing “unnecessary and invasive” tests on three women. As for his most famous patient, Mob Wives star Renee Graziano, she has no complaints against the doctor. Noting the procedure occurred without anesthesia she says it was a “little discomfort but nothing to write home about.”

If New York’s medical board can substantiate the 29 claims being levied against Dr. Shahine then his license will be suspended or revoked.

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