Port Authority Checkpoint Leads to 3 DWI Arrests

Earlier this month (the night of August 31, 2012 through the morning of September 1, 2012), the Port Authority set up a checkpoint on the New Jersey side of the Holland Tunnel. The PAPD stopped a total of one hundred twenty-five vehicles during the operation, with three of the stops leading to three DWI arrests.

tunnell.jpgAs this blog has discussed previously, a blood alcohol content of .08 or greater constitutes DWI under New York State Law. This same threshold of .08 applies in New Jersey as well. In addition to the DWI arrests, two other drivers were arrested for outstanding warrants in New Jersey. All told, the checkpoint led to over 100 tickets, ranging from serious arrests such as the ones above, to traffic infractions.

The full article can be found here at nbcnewyork.com.

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