Spider-Man Performance Again Marred by Mishap

Producers canceled the Decemeber 22nd matinee performance of “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” after stunt actor Christopher Tierney
plunged from an elevated platform
during the December 20th performance in New York. Tierney fell approximately twenty feet from the platform into the basement beneath the stage.

SPIDER1-articleInline.jpgTierney is the latest of four Spider-Man performers to be injured since September. As a result of the workplace accident, he suffered internal bleeding and broken ribs, and was taken to Bellevue. This latest accident has led to investigations from federal and New York inspectors, and the Actor’s Equity Union.

Rick Miramontez, spokesman for the production, said via email, “The production knows exactly what happened at Monday’s performance, and it is being dealt with.” He added, “additional redundancies are being put into place to ensure that will never happen again.” Leo Rosales, a spokesman for the state safety inspectors, was awaiting details on safety protocols and procedures from the production. According to Rosales, the state was not authorized to shut down production during an on-going investigation.

Depending on the specific factual circumstances, Tierney may be able to collect damages in addition to Worker’s Compensation if it is determined that the fall was due to the negligence of a third party (not his employer).

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