Studies: Driving Hung-over Just as Serious as Driving Drunk

According to the latest studies, driving while hung-over is just as dangerous as driving drunk.

hangover.jpgIn research conducted by Utrecht University in the Netherlands, study participants had 10 drinks at night. The next morning, when their blood alcohol contents were zero, they took a one hour driving test. The participants had difficulty concentrating and driving in a straight line.

In a similar study performed by the University of the West of England in the United Kingdom, hung-over participants took a 20 minute driving test simulating rural and urban conditions. The participants increased their speeds and showed delayed reaction times.

University of the West of England Associate Professor Chris Alford remarked, “This simulation represented a situation many people can relate to. They may already be aware of not driving home after a night out drinking, but we also need to advise them to plan for the next day so they won’t be driving to work impaired.”

Hang-over symptoms include headache, fatigue, difficulty concentrating and thirst.

Website Resource: Study: Driving With A Hangover Just As Bad As Driving Drunk

Hangover impairs driving ability

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