Tourist’s Foot Severed in Midtown Manhattan Car Accident

The NY Daily News reports that a cab struck a female tourist in midtown Tuesday, severing her foot in the process. A cyclist and another pedestrian were injured in the New York City car accident, which occurred near Rockefeller Center. The cyclist was flipped onto the hood of the taxi and carried for several yards. Police were still investigating at the time of the Daily News story, but the News said that the cyclist may have contributed to the accident.

Based on the comments of several eyewitnesses, it appeared that the woman went into shock immediately after the collision. Fortunately, several onlookers, including television’s Dr. Oz, rushed to her aid. Oz and a fellow good Samaritan used a belt to apply a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. The woman’s foot was recovered from the scene, and surgeons at Bellevue were in the process of attempting to reattach it.

As many details have not yet emerged, it is difficult to ascertain who was at fault in the accident. Certainly at first glance it would appear that the cab driver may have been driving either negligently or recklessly. According to the News, the cyclist may or may not have played a role in the accident as well. One would assume that the tourist will file a lawsuit at some point, but if and when she does, who will be named in that suit is yet to be determined.

Additional details, as well as some fairly graphic photographs, can be found on the Daily News website.

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