Traffic Violence Continues to Injure and Kill New York Motorists, Pedestrians


Recent reports regarding car accidents and serious injuries in New York are raising concerns about the safety of our streets and the enforcement of traffic laws.

A review of recent car accidents in New York emphasizes the importance of street safety and enforcement of criminal traffic laws. More information on  the below incidents is available via the linked news reports.

In Elmira, New York, WETM recently reported that an accident involving a jeep and a pickup truck resulted in unspecified injuries. The collision resulted in “minor damage” to the vehicles and unspecified injuries to the motorists. 

In Solvay, New York, a three-car collision reportedly caused serious injuries to two individuals while leaving a third in “critical condition.” According to, the collision took place at the intersection of Milton Avenue and Boyd Avenue, where responders found “a black sedan fully engulfed in flames” and a grey SUV with “serious damage.” Witnesses reportedly “performed life-saving measures” on the victims of the crash, whose damage was spread across five city blocks in the Syracuse suburb. An overturned SUV was found with three individuals “trapped inside,” who were later removed by emergency responders. According to the report, police initially believed a “medical crisis” was responsible for the crash.

In the Bronx, New York, a motorcyclist tragically passed away after a crash on East 167th Street. According to the New York Post, the 24-year-old man struck a Honda moving in the opposition direction around midnight, “ejecting” him from his motorcycle and onto the street. He was taken to a local hospital, where he died. An investigation into the incident is still underway. 



All across different areas of New York, there have been car accidents leading to serious injuries and even the deaths of many motorists and pedestrians due to reckless driving and traffic violence.

Elsewhere in the Bronx, the driver of an SUV was reportedly killed after the vehicle collided with another car and then fell off the Third Avenue Bridge, landing on its roof. According to the New York Post, the vehicle was merging onto the Major Deegan Expressway’s southbound lanes when it collided with an Audi A6 traveling on those lanes. It hit a concrete barrier and then fell off the bridge, landing on East 135th Street. The Post reports that the driver was found dead at the scene, while the Audi’s 23-year-old driver was treated at a local medical center but not arrested. 

Elsewhere still in the Bronx, a motorist struck and injured a pedestrian who later died of his injuries. According to Streetsblog, the unidentified motorist was driving a Jeep wrangler when he turned right onto Park Avenue from East Tremont Avenue. He reportedly failed to yield to a 60-year-old pedestrian mid-crosswalk—”with the light,” Streetsblog notes—who was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment, later succumbing to his injuries. The Streetsblog report adds that the part of East Tremont Avenue where the incident took place “is an exceptionally dangerous place for pedestrians,” with 74 crashes reported this year (as of December 5th), “injuring three cyclists, 12 pedestrians and 22 motorists.”

In Queens, a 34-year-old man driving an SUV was killed after losing control on the Whitestone Expressway and “‘spinning’ across all five lanes of traffic and into a cement median,” according to the New York Post. The man was taken to New York-Presbyterian hospital and pronounced dead; there were reportedly “no other accidents or injuries” resulting from the crash.

In Hudson Valley, New York, tragedy struck when a man steered off the road and hit a tree “for an unknown reason,” according to the Hudson Valley Post. He was reportedly driving southbound on State Route 97 in Lumberland “at a normal rate of speed” when his Chevrolet Corvette crossed into the oncoming lane, “spun around, and struck a tree.” The 69-year-old driver was found dead at the scene, while his small dog was recovered from the car without injuries. 

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