Under New Childhood Sex Abuse Law, Rockefeller University Faces 100s of Lawsuits for Sex Abuse Coverups

A new law goes into effect this month, which gives victims of sex abuse a year to bring civil lawsuits against any responsible person or entities. The one-year filing period is known as a “look-back window” and will give childhood victims additional time to hold their perpetrators responsible when they would otherwise be time-barred because of the statute of limitations. The third-in-the-nation law passed last year in New York and upended the previous time limit, which generally prevented a victim of sex abuse from filing a lawsuit after turning 23. Going forward, a victim of childhood sex abuse may file a civil lawsuit until

Unsurprisingly, victims seeking long-awaited justice for the crimes against them have come out in full force and accused numerous New York institutions, such as the Boy Scouts of America, the Catholic Church, and Rockefeller University. At the renowned Upper East Side medical school, Rockefeller University officials said that “several hundred” victims of Dr. Reginald Archibald plan to file a lawsuit. The medical school is suing its insurers because they allegedly refuse to pay for any defense or potential settlement of the sex abuse claims. Dr. Archibald worked as a professor and senior physician from 1948 to 1980, according to Patch.com.

While employed at Rockefeller University, Dr. Archibald routinely abused his patients and medical students under the guise of performing medical procedures and evaluations, according to the news website. The twisted doctor also commonly performed research studies on “growth and sexual maturity” as well as treating patients with growth and hormone issues. Victims of the doctor, who is now deceased, say his alleged crimes mirror Dr. Larry Nassar, the doctor whose trial and conviction for widespread abuse of female gymnasts shocked the country last year. Survivors of Dr. Archibald’s alleged crimes say they look forward to their day in court and holding the powerful institutions who enabled their abusers accountable.

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