Westchester County (NY) DWI Lawyer Report: 9 Arrested On New Year’s For DWI And Related Offenses In Westchester County

Westchester County police officers charged eight motorists with driving under the influence of alcohol (DWI) on New Years Eve and into the morning hours of the new decade. The crackdown on drunk drivers took place all over Westchester County with 6 of the arrests ocurring at an over-night check point set up where the Bronx River Parkway meets the Cross County Parkway.

Some of the motorists like 22 year old Kary Almonacid were not only charged with driving while intoxicated but with aggravated DWI because their alochol levels reached or surpassed 0.18, a number above the legal limit of 0.08. Ms. Almonacid was stopped by the police at 2:48 am on Mamaroneck Avenue in White Plains for driving without her lights and for making unsafe lane changes.

Police found more than an intoxicated motorist during one vehicle stop that took place where Stevens Avenue intersects with North 10th Avenue in Mount Vernon. Givoanni Petrov of the Bronx was pulled over for driving with a broken rear light. Police found 2 pounds of marijuana in the car. Petrov who possesses a lengthy criminal record was charged with second degree criminal possession of marijuana.

As we have discussed many times on the New York Injury Lawyers Blog, driving under the influence is a leading causes of motor vehicle accidents in New York.

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