White Plains Accident Lawyer Report: Bronxville Girl May Have Slipped & Fallen On Ice/Slush

According to a Journal News report of January 1, 2010, the cause of death of young Bronxville girl, Mihoko Fukuzawa, is still unknown. However, officials believe that she may have accidentally slipped on a slushy, icy patch of sidewalk and fallen on a rock in front of the Christ Church in Bronxville on Dec. 23, 2009. Authorities, who have not officially ruled out foul play, suspect that the Bronxville teen fell onto the rock that was lying to the left of her path as she was walking to mail a Christmas card on Sagamore Road. The rock measured about a foot high and a couple of feet wide.

The Westchester Medical Examiner notes that Fukuzawa suffered a lacerated liver caused by blunt force trauma. It is plausible that the injury occurred when her midsection slammed into the rock. A funeral was held for the girl on Wednesday.

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