White Plains Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Report: 71 Year-Old Westchester Man Injured While Crossing Mamaroneck Avenue

A seventy-one (71) year-old male pedestrian, Richard Jenson, was struck by an oncoming vehicle on Mamaroneck Avenue in Mamaroneck, NY on Saturday night, December 26, 2009. The driver of the vehicle, Peter Hand of Portchester, reportedly did not see Jenson until he stepped out into traffic. Jenson hit the vehicle’s windshield and fell to the ground. He was taken to Jacobi Medical Center while unconscious for treatment of his injuries. At the time of this report, he is listed as in critical condition.

Police are still investigating the accident. There is no pedestrian crosswalk at that intersection. However, according to the police report, an eyewitness told police that Jenson “appeared to have no regard for oncoming traffic” when he was crossing.

Website Resources: Man, 71, hit by car, injured while crossing Mamaroneck street, Journal News, Aman Ali, December 29, 2009.

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